True happiness is such a rare asset that the whole world is searching for and still couldn’t find it. If you could notice then you will see that there is somehow something that we all have been missing at some point. It couldn’t be that easy to find happiness in every thing you are surrounded to. You obviously cannot be happy with everything you have, at some point or at some time you’ll miss something in which the happiness is waiting for you. It’s not the thing that you are in search of your happiness, happiness also finds their true fans whom they know that yes they are deserving. Accept it that if you want to achieve happiness by heart then there is nothing that can keep you away from your happiness which you deserve. People says that yes they have find their true mate so they are happy and they want nothing else in their life. But think once that seriously that is the only happiness you want in your life, nothing more. Actually NO this is not sufficient, finding your true mate doesn’t completes your happiness. You have family, friends, siblings and also yourself to think about.


Let’s find out that How happiness can be achieved?

We have noticed that for most of the problems, the solutions we find are easy and appropriate and specially when we see that one of us have understood the problem completely. The most shocking thing is this that the solutions are there in the problems itself. And same happens in the case of happiness.

Actually the happiness is considered when we want something to be happen and it happens. The main keyword of this statement is ‘want’. The whole problem starts when we want something. If we could notice that at every moment we always need something or want something. If we make a list of our wishes we all know that it will never end. Our endless wants may make our happiness double but only then when all of our wishes are fulfilled. And we all know that only few of our wishes come true not all can happen to be fulfilled. We have to admit that we should satisfy with the things we have and not stubborn for the demands.

“Be happy with what you have……before it becomes what you HAD”

‘After the people’s heartbreak, most oftenly they lock the door of their heart….And throw the key to their heart ! BUT BUT BUT…..The KEY to being happy is knowing YOURSELF, have the power to chose what to accept and what to let GO.’


‘Life is short, Don’t live for the things that make you unhappy. LIVE for the things that make you HAPPY.’




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