And it was just another day, I was in my class, sitting next to my friend and suddenly the teacher in our class raised a question to the entire class and that is “HOW TO MOTIVATE PEOPLE ?”

One girl answered ; by thinking positive. One boy replied by having clear thoughts in your mind. And the series goes on and on, different people replied differently the same thing but the point they were explaining were all same and meant same. The teacher was not happy with the replies she got from her students. She again asked the same question and added that if anybody is  having a different answer ?

Then one girl stand and said ; Motivating people is an art, it’s a creativity. We can motivate people by having positive thinking, by having that ability to express ourselves, the views and points and to explain our past experiences to them. And that’s not too tough to do that but the main question arises that if the person we are motivating is really motivated or not ? Means is he/she actually listening to our point or they are just physically present in front of us but truly mentally they are in their own another world. Okay let suppose they are listening to our views and talks carefully and seriously but another question which arises is that how they take it to them and how they apply it in their lives.

It’s not just enough to explain yourself to one person and let them go infact it is also important to look over that person that what are they up to with my motivation. If they are using it in their life and applying it on themselves then it is useful for you to motivate them and it is worth giving you a speech on to it to them.

People nowadays are living in their own fantasy world and once they get hurt by anyone or they got broken from someone they are just totally got stucked in their life and think that they are in depression which is just a psychological thinking. Actually they were not in any trauma, it was all psychologically. They then start reading motivational quotes, novels and stories which they read and forget it next day.

People need to understand that if they are spending their too much time on the internet reading quotes, stories etc. then they should apply them in their lives and get some motivation to change their perceptions towards life. They need to get that actually the quotes and stories will not change their lives but it’s their way of thinking and their way of doing things.

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain.