They say speak out words which are clean and won’t hurt anyone. They say make your feelings true and real. They say behave nicely to others. But….isn’t that all ? No, because if you are not clean by inside then you cannot be by outside. Inside beauty says thinking, your thinking should be clean before speaking out any word, your thinking should be wise and vulnerable to make your feelings true and real, your thinking should have the right way to let know what is good or bad to behave properly to anyone. It’s so obvious that if you cannot think beyond the wants and needs which are expected by someone then you cannot match their mental level to make them clear your words and feelings. To make everything go smooth and without any abruptions, thinking plays a major role.

While other people takes decisions without thinking and in hurry and make things worse, you can wait and take some time in thinking and taking decisions to not to make things worse but good and smooth. Your thinking can effect many people, so think wisely and intelligently. If you want to, you can help many by your intelligent thinking but if you do not want to then you can let many in problems. So, always think before doing any action, always think before saying any thing, always think before behaving, always think before revealing any feelings. Make a wise decision, make an intelligent decision by making your thinking wise and royal.

To not think, makes a dumb man. But; To think, makes an intelligent man.

“It doesn’t actually matters that what other people think but it matters what you think, as you cannot be as cruel as others, you always keep your thinking clean.”

You won’t have to watch what you say, if you watch what you think.



Instead of being a coward and running away from your problems, be brave and face it. Face it : your problems, which are making you conscious, irritated and low confident. You must always face them and overcome the obstacles in your way by addressing the problem. Running away from your problems or asking god to take away your problems is not a wise decision or a solution, it’s always a thing of cowards not a powerful person who is willing to do everything and willing to pass away from any obstacle but somehow steps back due to any reason or confusion in their minds. Remember running away from problems is a coward’s cup of tea and not of a brave person. Problems come in everyone’s life but a successful person can only be one who can stay calm at that period of time and overcome through every situation intelligently and smartly. There’s hardly a period of time in which a person can be free of problems and stay smoothly. Sometimes for some people occurring problems are not an issue but solving them makes an issue, as they do not act smartly and gets panic at the same time which makes them curious and irritated and accidentally make things worse. To face the problem wisely and smartly first you should be calm and analyze the roots and cause of the problem and after analyzing every obstacles you then need to work on it to make it better and end that cause. Analyzing it make things easier and smoother and run you from the thought of running away from the problem because running away makes you no solution infact will dig you more in the problem. So, instead of thinking of running away from the problem make them easy by analyzing it and finding the roots and causes. Smart act will always makes you think facing the problem and weak act makes you think of running from the problem, it’s up to you that what you should up to ; making a smart move or a weak move !

“Anyone can run away, it’s super easy. Facing problems and working through them, that’s what makes you strong.”

Stop running away from your problems. It’s time to face them.



Because she chose to chase material things.

It was a starting of a new day and she was just laying on her bed and suddenly her phone flashes a face book notification. She got a message from a guy. She checks his profile picture. He drives a Range Rover. He is handsome. He again inbox her and she replied, all excited. They talked and decided to meet and set a date. She dress up very well, smells good and put on some make up. He takes her for lunch, had a good meal and had a great time. He makes her laugh, take care of her, gives her looks and smiles. And she too smiled and stupidly fall in love with him. It was like she have known him Forever. He makes her feel comfortable, spend the whole day with her and continued it for at least one week. He said, he loves her and she also don’t hesitate to say she loves him too. Also one day they spend the whole entire day together and had a good time. He use to help her, makes her feel nice and comfortable, says her cheesy things to maintain that trust of her towards him. Then he dropped her home and says ‘I had a great time’. She smiles and say ‘See you tomorrow’. He stays silent. She get back home and can’t stop smiling and inbox him that ‘It was a good day’. He was online, but doesn’t reply. It’s unlike him, so she inbox him again. He doesn’t respond. Minutes later she can’t find him on her friend list. HE BLOCKED HER. Days, weeks, months passes by. She start feeling sick, weak, loose weight. She realizes things were not going good. She don’t understand. Reality hits her. And that was it for her life. She chased him like anything and now when she needs him, he was not there and he blocked her due to which she was getting sick day by day.

Don’t be that girl. Live well ! Stop chasing material things ! Stop chasing sponsors !

Live a LIFE, Not a LIE.

“Materialistic things do not impress people, The soul does.”

Materialism clouds the vision of those with a weak mind.



She is 19, a college going girl, have a lot of friends, few are her best friends. But is that all ? ‘Few are her best friends’, but are they truly her best friends ? No, they were not her best friends. She being a teenager trusted them and truly relied on them who were not at all deserving. She thought that they are her true friends who can never lie to her and will always be there for her but she didn’t knew that she was wrong, she was living a fantasy world in which things look good as they look in real.

Her so called best friends left her all alone while she was stuck in the problem, while she was screaming to help her and there were no one of them who took a stand for her.

She was trapped in some fake issue of stealing question papers from the principal’s office and the whole world accepted that she was the thief. She kept screaming, crying, yelling but no one listened to her not even her friends because the one who stole the question papers were her friends but not her. But due to the fear of getting suspend, her friends put all the blame on her and she could do nothing but yelled. There was no one who could trust her and her friends whom they call her best friends left her in that situation while she was helpless and got stuck in her career and life. At the end no one believed the innocent girl and she got suspended from her college after doing 4 years of her B.Tech and was in the last year. Her suspension made her hate herself, ruined her life, her career just because of her friends whom she used to trust blindly. Always remember, never trust anyone blindly because no one is trustworthy in today’s world. It is only you and your own self whom you can trust blindly else what you’ll get is a betrayal from everyone.

“When you truly trust a person without any doubt, you finally get one of the two results : A person for life OR A lesson for life.”

Be careful who you trust and tell your problems to. Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend.



I believe and accept the fact that one person can make a difference. If a person has thought of something and is rigid to their decision then they can change the world. But for that, power of thinking matters but actions matters too. If a person is willing to do and can do the change with their actions and words then he can do anything as willingness and words have the most powerful impact on the people through which people can implement it and make it change in their lives. And it is the most beautiful feeling of changing someone’s life in good terms through your words and actions and obviously if your actions can help someone then you can do anything. One person can make a lot of change in the lives as one person whom you met suddenly makes you smile, suddenly makes you feel special because they have that willingness and that power to make you feel happy and to change the things in good and positive terms and also make it look differently as it looks before. It’s strange that how a person who we don’t even know at once and suddenly becomes close to us and makes our life happy and beautiful but it’s not only in terms of any relationship, you can make a difference without any tag of relationship or anything, being an unknown as helping someone and making things change to help someone doesn’t need any relationship or tag it just need a power and willingness to act and to say. Always remember your actions and your words can be very powerful and sensitive for someone who is in keen for seeking help as a person only needs help when they are stuck in any problem and if at that point of their life they will find a guy to which they can see and think that yes he/she can make the difference then your words and actions are very important to them. So always be aware and be positive to your words and actions as anyone can steal it for their help. So never underestimate the power of ONE, because one person can do a lot. One man can make a difference.

“One smile, can start a Friendship. One word, can end a Fight. One look can save a Relationship. One person can make the Difference.”

One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.



The past couldn’t be as cruel as it looks like, it’s the imagination or thinking of your mind which makes it more cruel than it looks. Everyone has a past may be a good past, a bad past or a horrifying one but everyone do have it. But it’s up on you that how you deal with it whether thinking of that bad past and making your future bad too or to just forget the past and make your future bright. Also sometimes it happens that some people do not know the story of the other people and make fun of them. But always understand the story behind the person, do not speak anything without knowing the past of that person.

Likewise, a few days ago i was in a train and next to me there’s a boy who is 20 or 21 years old with his father and in front of our seat there’s one couple sitting. The 21 year boy amazingly says to his father that ‘Dad look at the trees they are walking behind with us’. The couple got annoyed and reacted weirdly, then the boy again screemed that ‘Dad see the clouds are running with us’. The couple again stared at him and asked his father to go to the doctor for him. Father smiled and replied ‘I am coming from a doctor only, my son was blind since birth, he just got his eyes’. The couple got embarrassed and utter nothing to him.

People sometimes act so annoyed that they just could not understand that if a person is behaving weirdly or acting childishly then their must be some reason or some story behind them due to which they become like this. Remember this do not ever judge people by their looks or how they are acting, always know their inner soul without saying anything to their outer one.

“Everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something and has LOST something.”

Everyone has a story, be willing to hear it before you judge.



Just because a relationship ends doesn’t mean two people stopped loving each other. They just stopped hurting each other.

It was a new journey of her life. The first day of her college and she was nervous but also excited too that what will gonna happen. She went to the college, sat at the corner of the first desk and stay quite and didn’t utter a word to any one. Then she realised that a girl in her class is from her school but in school they don’t even know each other’s name. She smiled at her but she didn’t replied and was gone away from their. She then thought that she is so arrogant. Then days pass by and it has been the seventh day of her college and that girl started talking to her and slowly slowly became friends. Later she realised that that girl lives very near to her house, so they started going together to the college and the bond between them started growing stronger. Then her friend got committed with a guy and three of them started roaming together here and there, the girl then became her best friend, her soulmate, her everything. They use to hangout together, they use to eat together, they use to study together, shop together and use to stay all day with each other at each other’s place.

One year passed and they both were best of friends, they were very happy together but suddenly the girl suffers break-up with his guy. The girl got broken as the girl loved him truly and deeply but she was always with the girl and supported her and calmed her through that point of her life. She was all the time with her in her every step and every doings and in each and every thing. She supported her like anything infact if she was busy in some thing she didn’t told her and still use to be with her leaving her that work. She did not think of herself, she did not think of her family but what she thought of, was to be with her. Then their second year started and the life was going as it was going before. Then the half of their second year was gone and their forth semester got started. They use to go college and what suddenly she realises that the girl started doing less talk to her, started hanging out without her, the girl was not effecting with anything of her and she started ignoring her and live her life like she is just a normal friend to her. She started noticing changes in her through which she was very upset and got effected by it. Then one day she decided to talk to her and they both talked and clear out the things but again after few days she again noticed that the girl was doing that again, then she again talked to her but this time unfortunately no conclusion could come out and they continued their life.

One month passed and she again talked to her and tried to clear out the things again but then she realised that the girl has no concern for their too much good friendship and she is happy in her life without her then she decided not to disturb her anymore. She then started maintained distance from the girl they both stopped talking to each other, they just talk in college, else remain quite, and they both stopped everything like hanging out and all. Because she know the fact and accepted it that the girl has got new friends and she is happy with them so she also didn’t utter anything to the girl. Days passed by and they become friends from best friends, a normal person from friends and then strangers. The story began from being strangers and ended being strangers.

And it ended abruptly……

“Again strangers; but with memories this time :’)”

Some times you don’t realise what you are doing but that might hurt someone very important in your life and then when they gone you realise it later.



If it is not Unconditional then it is not Love. What is an unconditional love ? Unconditional love means loving someone without any limitation, without any intention and most importantly without any conditions. If you love someone love them with all your heart because they’ve given you a piece from them to you. Unconditional love is caring about them unconditionally. It’s a feeling in which you are totally obsessed and mad for them. Their happiness becomes your happiness that is unconditional love, if their happiness is in staying away from you then let them go because if you hold on to them it would not make them happy and if it wouldn’t make them happy then it’s not love it’s a compromise in which only one person that is you are happy and the other person whom you love is unhappy. That is the love with conditions, not unconditional love. Remember the love with conditions is not love it’s like an investment. And according to me love is not an investment. Don’t be sad if you love someone and in return they are not loving you because while you loving them you were not sure that they will also love you or there was not a contract between both of you that if one person will love then other one will have to love in return. Instead of being sad, be happy that it grew in your beautiful heart and if it is meant to be yours then just wait for them and no matter what no one ever will able to stop them but if it is not meant for you then there’s no use to build a hope. Because false hopes always hurts, it will not only hurt you but also hurt them as they will feel offended or guilty for not loving you back. You are giving your love to someone doesn’t mean that it’s an assurance that they will love you back. Love has never assurance. Remember the fact one-sided love is better than two-sided as in one-sided, love is not divided in two it remains for one and only for that one forever and ever. Don’t make your love faded by expecting something in return but make your love immortal so that it will make them remember of you and your love which was only meant for them and only them.

“When you give and don’t expect anything in return, That’s Love. But if you give and expect in return it’s an investment.”

Unconditional love begins where nothing is expected in return.



Equality is a concept that describes the exactness of any aspects in life. When the world was created it is the nature first and that indicates oneness or unity. But when we take up equality in human life, we are puzzled that the God made or created Adam and Eve. Here the question of equality has gone to the wind. And as we proceed further in life, we find inequality everywhere in the world. If we take Adam first, professor Ambre Vetteille had already written a book on “Inequality Among Men”. We see in the society Ambani brothers, all brothers, TATA’s and Birla’s and so many others are not equal in any respect. Therefore, it is proved that equality is a myth. Here in our class we have almost fifty students who come from different socio – economic backgrounds. Some seem to be rich in possession the others are relatively inferior to whereas boys and girls also, all are not equal in I.Q. Here the equanimity seems to be dilemma.

In the world, we have many countries all are not equal in many respects, ‘what to talk of Development’. Take the case of USA (United States Of America) and Russia, they are the two most developed and powerful countries, they have everything for their own people. When Russia was known to be USSR (Union Of Socialist Soviet Republic), both USA and Russia were engaged in Cold War, each one wanted to dominate other. After the break of USSR, the cold war ended. Still we have the friction between the two. However the dominance of each one continued. Here also the equality is a myth. The planet as such is not one, the topography differs. We have the land area and the sea and the ocean, in the land area we have forests and the plain, they are not equal. The ocean too is different, in it’s depth and look, it contains many species. When we come to the human affairs we are stump, we see everywhere, people fighting on petty issues. For instance, the road – rage in Delhi results in murder and shooting. Even for the parking of the cars in the locality also results in murder. All these cases tell us that equality is a myth. The society at large is full of inequalities.

Anything we talk, we have the phenomenon of myth. Ever since the world is made, we are walking over the inequalities. Whether it starts from the family, the villages, the society, the city, the metro’s and the States as well, even the colours of the skin of the people are not one. We talk of brown, white and black and accordingly the status of the person is decided or determined.

Now, the proposal “Equality is a myth” is the truth of life.

If the equality of individuals and the dignity of man be myths, they are myths to which the republic is committed.




Many people who are shy, introvert, have less communication skills do hesitate to say NO. Why ? Saying no doesn’t mean you are committing any crime or stealing something then why to hesitate. Learn to say NO. Say no to people who are not worth for your yes, say no to people for your self, say no to people whom you just cannot bare; but say it. No one will ever say you anything if you say a NO. It’s your life and the decisions for your life is totally depend up on you not in the hands of other people. They just cannot do anything with you because sometimes being selfish is better than being available for someone all time who cannot even worth of it and just useless to be with you. There are people who are full of attitude and ego without any reason neither they are an actor nor are a famous personality or anything else that they would have done something to feel proud on then why that attitude ? Let it be, let them stay in their fantasy world but you are not like that you are not living a fantasy world you are living a real life which is out of that pompousness and fantasies. It’s true such people do not care about others because they do not know the worth of them but once you’ve learnt to say no and let them realise that saying always yes does not make any sense for them as well as for you, they will surely try to make things get better. But til then you were not there for them to do such because you’ve already said them NO and you’ve moved on to your life. There are people who just cannot listen no but can say no to them who were always there for them in their hard times but in return when they expect the same from them, they are not there and just simply say no. If such people could do this thing with you then why cannot you do the same. Sometimes to let people realise their mistake, it’s necessary to be selfish and say a big NO to them without even explaining yourself, without giving any reason, without saying lie just a two letter word and that is NO. It will make you happy and them guilty not today but some other day.

“NO” is a complete sentence. It does not require justification or explanation.