What is the term ‘positive’ means ? Positive is a desirable or constructive quality, being optimistic, confident or attribute.

Truth is individual. That means when we speak, we have to be positive, that is the indication is in a good form. Or all the good points are to be highlighted. Our focus is the reality or truth. For instance : Mahatma Gandhi experienced truth in South Africa and had written down a book called “My Experience With Truth”. Here he talked about his daily incidences happened in life. Likewise we should be speaking the plain truth as truth always carries the positivity with it no matter what.

In colleges or schools, our teacher asks about ‘ what is happening in the states of Uttar Pradesh ?’ Now we are to speak or talk about the political aspects in the State. The Chief Minister, Shri Yogi Aditya Nath transferred so many of the government officers at a time in his State. It is impracticable in the system of administration, that indicates interruption of day to day work in the life of the people of the State, even when the life of the officers transferred is affected.

At the same time, in the name of ‘The Gau Raksha’ the vigilantes have taken the law into their own hands. Muslim people in the State that are engaged in the business of animal trades are harassed in the main of ‘Gau Raksha’. They are their real traders of cows and buffaloes. The vigilantes ask them about the receipts of the animal trades. At the same time they took them into upward situation. Moreover they beat them and snatched their mobile phones and other belongings with them. This was telecast in the television. In this case we have talked about the positive aspects of State. We haven’t added any masala in the talk. This is the plain truth in the State. At another place, there are people who are poaching the animal skin, and also the elephant tusk.

Also in the State of Madhya Pradesh the Minister of the State had distributed 700 bats to brides, so that they could take care of their husbands, in case they turn alcoholic. In this case this a novel idea that the Minister administered. Somewhere in the States of Bihar, there is a total Prohibition, no alcohol is sold in the State.

Overall political administration in India, at a moment is going some drastic change. Somewhere vigilantes problem, somewhere Gau Raksha problem and somewhere alcoholic problem.

The above facts are all about truth and are narrated positively because as i said in starting that truth carries positivity with it.


Once you replace negative thoughts with POSITIVE ones, you’ll start having positive RESULTS.


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