Equality is a concept that describes the exactness of any aspects in life. When the world was created it is the nature first and that indicates oneness or unity. But when we take up equality in human life, we are puzzled that the God made or created Adam and Eve. Here the question of equality has gone to the wind. And as we proceed further in life, we find inequality everywhere in the world. If we take Adam first, professor Ambre Vetteille had already written a book on “Inequality Among Men”. We see in the society Ambani brothers, all brothers, TATA’s and Birla’s and so many others are not equal in any respect. Therefore, it is proved that equality is a myth. Here in our class we have almost fifty students who come from different socio – economic backgrounds. Some seem to be rich in possession the others are relatively inferior to whereas boys and girls also, all are not equal in I.Q. Here the equanimity seems to be dilemma.

In the world, we have many countries all are not equal in many respects, ‘what to talk of Development’. Take the case of USA (United States Of America) and Russia, they are the two most developed and powerful countries, they have everything for their own people. When Russia was known to be USSR (Union Of Socialist Soviet Republic), both USA and Russia were engaged in Cold War, each one wanted to dominate other. After the break of USSR, the cold war ended. Still we have the friction between the two. However the dominance of each one continued. Here also the equality is a myth. The planet as such is not one, the topography differs. We have the land area and the sea and the ocean, in the land area we have forests and the plain, they are not equal. The ocean too is different, in it’s depth and look, it contains many species. When we come to the human affairs we are stump, we see everywhere, people fighting on petty issues. For instance, the road – rage in Delhi results in murder and shooting. Even for the parking of the cars in the locality also results in murder. All these cases tell us that equality is a myth. The society at large is full of inequalities.

Anything we talk, we have the phenomenon of myth. Ever since the world is made, we are walking over the inequalities. Whether it starts from the family, the villages, the society, the city, the metro’s and the States as well, even the colours of the skin of the people are not one. We talk of brown, white and black and accordingly the status of the person is decided or determined.

Now, the proposal “Equality is a myth” is the truth of life.

If the equality of individuals and the dignity of man be myths, they are myths to which the republic is committed.



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