If it is not Unconditional then it is not Love. What is an unconditional love ? Unconditional love means loving someone without any limitation, without any intention and most importantly without any conditions. If you love someone love them with all your heart because they’ve given you a piece from them to you. Unconditional love is caring about them unconditionally. It’s a feeling in which you are totally obsessed and mad for them. Their happiness becomes your happiness that is unconditional love, if their happiness is in staying away from you then let them go because if you hold on to them it would not make them happy and if it wouldn’t make them happy then it’s not love it’s a compromise in which only one person that is you are happy and the other person whom you love is unhappy. That is the love with conditions, not unconditional love. Remember the love with conditions is not love it’s like an investment. And according to me love is not an investment. Don’t be sad if you love someone and in return they are not loving you because while you loving them you were not sure that they will also love you or there was not a contract between both of you that if one person will love then other one will have to love in return. Instead of being sad, be happy that it grew in your beautiful heart and if it is meant to be yours then just wait for them and no matter what no one ever will able to stop them but if it is not meant for you then there’s no use to build a hope. Because false hopes always hurts, it will not only hurt you but also hurt them as they will feel offended or guilty for not loving you back. You are giving your love to someone doesn’t mean that it’s an assurance that they will love you back. Love has never assurance. Remember the fact one-sided love is better than two-sided as in one-sided, love is not divided in two it remains for one and only for that one forever and ever. Don’t make your love faded by expecting something in return but make your love immortal so that it will make them remember of you and your love which was only meant for them and only them.

“When you give and don’t expect anything in return, That’s Love. But if you give and expect in return it’s an investment.”

Unconditional love begins where nothing is expected in return.


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