Just because a relationship ends doesn’t mean two people stopped loving each other. They just stopped hurting each other.

It was a new journey of her life. The first day of her college and she was nervous but also excited too that what will gonna happen. She went to the college, sat at the corner of the first desk and stay quite and didn’t utter a word to any one. Then she realised that a girl in her class is from her school but in school they don’t even know each other’s name. She smiled at her but she didn’t replied and was gone away from their. She then thought that she is so arrogant. Then days pass by and it has been the seventh day of her college and that girl started talking to her and slowly slowly became friends. Later she realised that that girl lives very near to her house, so they started going together to the college and the bond between them started growing stronger. Then her friend got committed with a guy and three of them started roaming together here and there, the girl then became her best friend, her soulmate, her everything. They use to hangout together, they use to eat together, they use to study together, shop together and use to stay all day with each other at each other’s place.

One year passed and they both were best of friends, they were very happy together but suddenly the girl suffers break-up with his guy. The girl got broken as the girl loved him truly and deeply but she was always with the girl and supported her and calmed her through that point of her life. She was all the time with her in her every step and every doings and in each and every thing. She supported her like anything infact if she was busy in some thing she didn’t told her and still use to be with her leaving her that work. She did not think of herself, she did not think of her family but what she thought of, was to be with her. Then their second year started and the life was going as it was going before. Then the half of their second year was gone and their forth semester got started. They use to go college and what suddenly she realises that the girl started doing less talk to her, started hanging out without her, the girl was not effecting with anything of her and she started ignoring her and live her life like she is just a normal friend to her. She started noticing changes in her through which she was very upset and got effected by it. Then one day she decided to talk to her and they both talked and clear out the things but again after few days she again noticed that the girl was doing that again, then she again talked to her but this time unfortunately no conclusion could come out and they continued their life.

One month passed and she again talked to her and tried to clear out the things again but then she realised that the girl has no concern for their too much good friendship and she is happy in her life without her then she decided not to disturb her anymore. She then started maintained distance from the girl they both stopped talking to each other, they just talk in college, else remain quite, and they both stopped everything like hanging out and all. Because she know the fact and accepted it that the girl has got new friends and she is happy with them so she also didn’t utter anything to the girl. Days passed by and they become friends from best friends, a normal person from friends and then strangers. The story began from being strangers and ended being strangers.

And it ended abruptly……

“Again strangers; but with memories this time :’)”

Some times you don’t realise what you are doing but that might hurt someone very important in your life and then when they gone you realise it later.


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