She thought she is now no more will be in touch with her, they are no more friends but she was wrong. Her friend who was her best friend realized that what she did and came to her with all guilt and regrets. At first she was not ready to accept her at all, they use to fight, screaming standing on the roadside like anything and still are blaming to each other for the past. She refused her friend to get back to their friendship and moved away from there but her friend did not stepped back or did not let her moral down, she again contacted her but she was not replying to her texts, calls or anything. She was ignoring her but also got melted but did not showed her friend her true feelings as she was not ready at that time to get back to that friendship or that bond which they use to share earlier. She was scared or afraid that one day again her friend do the same thing and then again will come to her and say sorry to her and things will get repeat again and again, due to which she distanced herself from her friend. Her friend keeps on trying and she keeps on ignoring her, and one day coincidentally they meet somewhere and again she was trying to run away from the things but her friend didn’t let her go this time. She made her stay there and they talked to each other and calmly sought out the things and she got melted and accepted her friend’s sorry. At that moment she didn’t thought of that what if her friend repeat the same in future or anything else, she just thought of their friendship and her friend’s true efforts which made her melt. Also rather being in anger and being in past, she accepted the reality and the things her friend did to her and forget all that and moved on to good things and forgive her friend and start that all with a new beginning to their friendship.

And in the end it was the happy ending for their friendship for which everybody use to chase and praise. It was not the bad time for their friendship but it was a small test for them of their friendship which they passed with flying colors and now they are together and happy again 🙂

Remember if it’s ending abruptly then it’s not the end, it’s just a pause in your life which will be continued further with happy ending.

Everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay; it’s not the end.



We all have experienced some disappointments, curse or hurts in our lives. It may be our friends, family, colleagues, seniors or it could be anyone. Anyone who betrayed us, disappointed us, who’ve been rude with us or the person whom we love, harmed us in any manner. There are some wounds which can be easily healed but some are so deep that could be hard to heal and move further. At this point of time some people use to forgive and forget to make things easier and to make themselves in peace, which could be very helpful and useful as to avoid the fights and arguments. Being in anger and having a thought of revenge all time ends up nothing but makes you irritate and impatient, which let things go wrong and useless. Remember do not let yourself become so rude or harsh that the impact of it damages or harms you physically or mentally. Holding on to things which are of no use makes things more worse as I explained in one of my earlier post that sometimes letting go makes things easier than holding on to it.

It’s true that to forgive someone who have hurt you or betrayed you in some manner is not easy in fact it’s very difficult but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. No it’s not impossible to forgive someone, it might take some time for you to forgive and forget the things but definitely it will happen if you try. To forgive and forget the actions of others who are trying to hurt you or harm you is the best way to make them realize their mistake without even uttering a single word from your mouth and by just keeping quiet and forgiving the things. Sometimes we have to be blind to make others realize their mistakes.

“Forgive yourself for the blindness that put you in the path of those who betrayed you. Sometimes a good heart doesn’t see the bad.”

Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.



Why is that happen that we don’t believe on ourselves ? Even when we are in utmost need to believe on ourselves and had to find some way regarding any situation we probably doubt on ourselves at that very particular time and tend to believe on others and accept their views and points for that situation instead of taking our view points. When we are dealing to the problem of our own and need to take decision for our life then why listen to the others and not ours ? Instead of listening or believing on ourselves, we doubt on us and think that things will go more worse. We usually start thinking negative and imagine things that may go wrong in the future. Thinking negative, stressing, worrying, imagining won’t help you out but what can help you is believing in yourself, believe in you, your inner sight, be you. This is the most important step that one could do before starting any of your dream or task or dealing with any situation. In fact you can only believe in god when you believe in yourself. At times god’s also becomes helpless and could not find a way for you when he see that you yourself is not helping you then how can god will ? To make god help you he must also see a will in you to help yourself. Unless and until you cannot help yourself no one else can do it for you, similarly unless and until you cannot believe in yourself no one ever will believe in you. If you are sure and believe yourself blindly and truly then you can make any one believe in you, no matter what the situation is but you can do it.

The human’s most powerful weapon is their own mind. When it decides to believe in you then nothing can stop you doing that. You are the architect of the structure of a building growing up in your mind and it’s in your hands whether to believe in yourself and make it impressive and attractive or to not to believe in yourself and doubt yourself that you cannot do it and ruin your plan in your mind.


Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.



Measuring success does not mean calculating the wealth you have, the achievements you have achieved or the power you have attained. Yes, it is true that these things do matter in one’s life for a period of time or for the whole life but that is not enough. Though achieving everything in their lives, meeting every dream of their that point of life they are still missing something and that something is The Purpose. The purpose of living their life is missing. That gap which is been missed by them should be filled with the purpose of their life, which should be taken care of by them.

Now, obviously every person is different and have different visions of life so the purpose of everyone would be also different but there’s a common thread that bind a life with a purpose and those are :

  • Set your ethics straight : The very important thing to start with your purpose should be by setting your ethics straight and clear and to the point for your life and for your comfort zone.
  • Set your priorities : Setting priorities should be taken as wisely as you have to make a list of your wishes and number them one by one accordingly to your priority and your keen interest.
  • Maintain that belief and values : Purpose of living life includes your beliefs and values which shape and determine your decisions and make a clear vision for your life ahead.
  • Be passionate : Have that eager and excitement everyday to follow and fulfill your desired passion which you always wanted to be fulfilled and make that happened.
  • Live the present, live the moment : Cherish every moment of your life, thank for your every moment. Live it without any regret and make your life bliss. Take the joy of what you have instead of being worrying for what you do not have.

Success in life comes with the aspect of living your life with a purpose. The moment you start living your life with a purpose, that moment you find worth living and with the reason of something to live it with all happiness and passion of doing something you’ve always wanted to.

Make it happen, make it worth !

” Your LIFE has purpose. Your STORY is important. Your DREAMS count. Your VOICE matters. You were born to make an IMPACT. “

When your life is on course with it’s purpose, you are your most powerful.