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Why is that happen that we don’t believe on ourselves ? Even when we are in utmost need to believe on ourselves and had to find some way regarding any situation we probably doubt on ourselves at that very particular time and tend to believe on others and accept their views and points for that situation instead of taking our view points. When we are dealing to the problem of our own and need to take decision for our life then why listen to the others and not ours ?

Instead of listening or believing on ourselves, we doubt on us and think that things will go more worse. We usually start thinking negative and imagine things that may go wrong in the future. Thinking negative, stressing, worrying, imagining won’t help you out but what can help you is believing in yourself, believe in you, your inner sight, be you. This is the most important step that one could do before starting any of your dream or task or dealing with any situation. In fact you can only believe in god when you believe in yourself. At times god’s also becomes helpless and could not find a way for you when he see that you yourself is not helping you then how can god will ? To make god help you he must also see a will in you to help yourself. Unless and until you cannot help yourself no one else can do it for you, similarly unless and until you cannot believe in yourself no one ever will believe in you. If you are sure and believe yourself blindly and truly then you can make any one believe in you, no matter what the situation is but you can do it.

The human’s most powerful weapon is their own mind. When it decides to believe in you then nothing can stop you doing that. You are the architect of the structure of a building growing up in your mind and it’s in your hands whether to believe in yourself and make it impressive and attractive or to not to believe in yourself and doubt yourself that you cannot do it and ruin your plan in your mind.


Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.


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