Wedding, marriage. In our lives there’s nothing which is pre-decided but marriage is the thing which is always decided. Since our birth, it’s always pre-planned that we will going to marry in our future, whether we want it or not. It doesn’t matter, our choice doesn’t matter.

Two years later….

I was sitting with my friend, conversing to each other. I was telling her about my husband that he’s having an affair with someone. My friend was shocked, obviously it was a shocking moment and annoyingly she asked that am i serious ? I then continued… ‘One day I asked him for lunch and he said he was busy in office, then I went to the restaurant and that’s where I spotted him, he was sitting with her.’

I know her. But I don’t understand that what should I do ? She suggested me to confront him and told him about his little affair. But it was not so simple. He doesn’t like all that drama and issues. And I was scared, that might be he will think that I’m spying on him.

Then me and my friend made a plan to confront him by himself. She told me to change the things for someday and change yourself too. And one day me and my husband had an argument and since then we haven’t spoken to each other.

I didn’t do the things usually I used to do for him which annoyed him and realizes him something that he might don’t have time for me. He started giving me some time, gave me that respect and love which he should give before but he didn’t.

Why do we give up the things that we love, just because you love someone else ?

On my birthday, he planned a surprise party for me. I was really surprised and happy but then I saw her at my place. I got really upset after seeing her there and I moved away from there. I shouted on him that how could he bring her to our place and at that very moment I confronted him about his little affair with her.

He then explained me the situation that what I saw was nothing like that it seems to be. She is an actor and it was her first time, so she was nervous and he was just consoling her because he’s the director. He felt sorry for his behavior and admit it that at some point he was responsible for all this confusion.

People say, don’t trust your eyes only, in fact sometimes the salt also looks like sugar. But I am glad, I did believe what I saw, because even though it was a mistake, it was a good one.

It made me realize that you don’t have to change yourself, you can be just who you are and most important it brought me and him closer than before.

We became each other’s want, not habit 🙂



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