All the great speakers were bad speakers at first, so never under estimate yourself; you can do it and you will do it.

BE A GOOD SPEAKER, Listening and speaking go simultaneously and as I told you all to be an effective listener in my previous post, it is also important to be a good speaker as well, which I would be telling you in my current post.

SPEAK in such a way that offers love to LISTEN to you.

Speeches occur in a wide variety of interpersonal, group and public communication situations for accomplishing an equally wide variety of business and professional goals. These include: to win approval or acceptance, to gather, disseminate, and exchange information, to exercise influence over the organizational process. There are different types of speeches ad their success depends on the ability of the presenter or speaker to assemble and collect and put forward different aspects of the subject in order to persuade the audience.

In order to be a good speaker, you have to follow some minimal tips which I’m going to explain you :

  • Be clear : Clarity is the first major point to be a good speaker. Your spoken words, should be eminently successful in conveying to the audience the ideas or emotions, facts or arguments, or the information you want to express. If your audience does not instantly able to grasp your point, you have failed as a speaker.
  • Be like an informal talker : A good speaker is closer to a personal and informal chat between two good friends. When you speak, there should be a perfect rapport between you and your audience to whom you want to convey your message.
  • Be vivid and concrete : Abstractions kill words. So make your words vivid. Include in it concrete facts which are easy to comprehend and visualize.
  • Be brief : The concentration or interest of an average audience does not last more than twenty to twenty five minutes. Ideally, your words should not be longer than this, unless the audience is motivated to know more. To achieve brevity, it is desirable to include only a few points which are mainly in concentration in your speech and elaborate them at some limited length.
  • Be interesting Quotations, symbols and humorous touches often make a speech interesting. Quotations should be familiar but not worn out. Humor should be spontaneous and gentle to attract the audience and not to get bored.
  • Be audience-oriented : A good speech is always tuned to the wavelength of the audience. Consider few points like are the audience general or specialized, how large is the audience, their age group, their social, religious, political and economic view of the listeners.

The good speaker should have the below mentioned qualities :

  • A good speaker is active, interested, cheerful, and enthusiastic, vital.
  • A good speaker is solemn.
  • A good speaker has a sense of controlling others.
  • A good speaker has a sense of controlling his subject.
  • A good speaker has a sense of leadership; he stands up tall, he talks eye to eye, speaks responsibly and with authority, as a leader should.
  • A good speaker tries to be equitable or impartial and same.
  • A good speaker keeps his sense of comicality.


“In good speaking, should not the mind of the speaker know the truth of the matter about which he is to speak.”



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