BE OPTIMISTIC IN LIFE, Before starting to my web log I would first like to tell you that ‘What is an optimism?’

“Optimism is the faith that leads to ACHIEVEMENT. Nothing can be done without HOPE and CONFIDENCE.

Optimism is a mental attitude. Optimism is basically a form of positive thinking that includes the belief that you are responsible for your own happiness, and that more good things than bad will continue to happen to you. In another words Optimism means hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something.

Optimism is a significant essence of life. Life means live happily and peacefully with all one’s energy. As the sun rises and sets and again the next day the sun comes out with it’s full blossom. That indicates that we living beings must tell you out our purpose of life. For instance a child goes early in the morning to his or her school as their destination of the life. They have learnt the purpose of living. A full grown man carries out his work in a working environment whether an office, a factory, a firm land, a shop, or any other working venture. All these tell us something or the other purpose of life, example we have a case of Bavani Masjid in the Supreme Court. The court has to deliberate the petition for justice towards the court has given a temporarily relief as to conduct the proceeding on the daily basis at the Court in Lucknow and give the final verdict there itself. Now this is a continuous process in life. The life covers the entire aspects of human nature and culture, these are a continuous process. There are lots of ups and downs affecting the human life. The human being have a psychological basis of mind. The mind functions according to the development of the situation, the situation forces to be happy or unhappy. If the situation demands that the human being must bare the crunch of the problem of life. This unhappiness affects the human being in a positive or a negative way. Now, is the question before the human being whether to feel positive or negative as per the effects of the situation upon the human mind, is something great happens in the minds of human being that his chosen result has been achieved. For instance he has passed in some examination. This gifts happiness in his mind. Or if he has failed in the examination it gives him the unhappiness. Here comes the function of optimism in life, one must take it with strong views in his or her mind and accept the consequences. This is one role of taking the viewpoint of optimistic way of thinking.

One should not take it as the negative effects for that failure or result or consequences in life. We see many human souls losing energies to work further. At times we hear that someone has come in front of the metro train at the metro station and the person is dead. In this case we see that the person concerned has failed to use his energy in life. And he was not hopeful of any further chances in life, therefore he ended his life by himself.

In the above case study the element of optimism was completely exhausted. At the same time we see another case that if the person has failed in one attempt of his target then he or she should attempt further for the second time to achieve his/her goals in life and then they finally succeeds. This is a case of pure optimistic way of thinking in life and thereby achieving one’s goal ! BE OPTIMISTIC IN LIFE

“Be Optimistic – People want to be around others who view life as a positive venture.”

To find optimism, look for the good things in life.


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