BECAUSE ALL ARE NOT TRUSTWORTHY, She is 19, a college going girl, have a lot of friends, few are her best friends. But is that all ? ‘Few are her best friends’, but are they truly her best friends ? No, they were not her best friends. She being a teenager trusted them and truly relied on them who were not at all deserving. She thought that they are her true friends who can never lie to her and will always be there for her but she didn’t knew that she was wrong, she was living a fantasy world in which things look good as they look in real.

Her so called best friends left her all alone while she was stuck in the problem, while she was screaming to help her and there were no one of them who took a stand for her.

She was trapped in some fake issue of stealing question papers from the principal’s office and the whole world accepted that she was the thief. She kept screaming, crying, yelling but no one listened to her not even her friends because the one who stole the question papers were her friends but not her. But due to the fear of getting suspend, her friends put all the blame on her and she could do nothing but yelled. There was no one who could trust her and her friends whom they call her best friends left her in that situation while she was helpless and got stuck in her career and life. At the end no one believed the innocent girl and she got suspended from her college after doing 4 years of her B.Tech and was in the last year. Her suspension made her hate herself, ruined her life, her career just because of her friends whom she used to trust blindly. Always remember, never trust anyone blindly because no one is trustworthy in today’s world. It is only you and your own self whom you can trust blindly else what you’ll get is a betrayal from everyone.┬áBECAUSE ALL ARE NOT TRUSTWORTHY

“When you truly trust a person without any doubt, you finally get one of the two results : A person for life OR A lesson for life.”

Be careful who you trust and tell your problems to. Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend.


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