“Woman is completely undefinable. She is a beautiful soul.”
Beauty is in the soul…….
                       A beautiful heart is always better than a beautiful face. It is said that the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her SOUL. And it is not just a saying, it has proven right in both the stories “SNOW WHITE and the SEVEN DWARFS” and “CINDERELLA.”
She’s a beautiful soul made from celestial light; forged by the angels from heaven’s delight.
Her mirror’s image may someday fade; but the soul she behold was heavenly made.
Sprinkled with stardust and polished with love; all that she was created from above.
Never forget how wonderful she was; for the angels only see her as a bright shining star.
There was something beautiful, something magical, something unique in her that is many years old and force me to get attracted in her, it was not about her pretty face or her body but something in her inner soul which makes everyone smiles and every single person loves her company.
The only beautiful thing in a person in this world whose beauty lasts forever and ever is a PURE and a FAIR SOUL. Because at the end of the day, you will not remember the person with the beautiful face. You will remember the person who made you smile with their beautiful heart and soul.
‘Beautiful faces are everywhere, but beautiful minds are hard to find.’
‘Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.’
The question arises that ‘What makes a beautiful soul?’/ ‘ What does beauty do with our souls?’
  • Beauty actually fills our souls with wonder.
  • Beauty fills our souls to experience delight.
  • Beauty fills our soul with personal enrichment satisfied by beauty.
  • Beauty fills our soul to pursue and find truth.
  • Beauty fills our soul with mystery.
  • Beauty fills our souls with love and a desire to be loved.
GOD is the most beautiful thing.
As his beauty is reflected by the nature and by his handiwork in us which he had made and granted us with such a beautiful soul. Nothing can seem better than his beautiful work of art and this beautiful nature given as a gift to us by him.

Nothing can keep her away to spread love and happiness. She’s a free bird, She flies with her own wings. They’ll see her shine. Because she’s a little bit of magic with a wild side which keeps her soul pure and gay and also others to be happy and feel pretty all the time not from the outside but from the inside.



True happiness is such a rare asset that the whole world is searching for and still couldn’t find it. If you could notice then you will see that there is somehow something that we all have been missing at some point. It couldn’t be that easy to find happiness in every thing you are surrounded to. You obviously cannot be happy with everything you have, at some point or at some time you’ll miss something in which the happiness is waiting for you. It’s not the thing that you are in search of your happiness, happiness also finds their true fans whom they know that yes they are deserving. Accept it that if you want to achieve happiness by heart then there is nothing that can keep you away from your happiness which you deserve. People says that yes they have find their true mate so they are happy and they want nothing else in their life. But think once that seriously that is the only happiness you want in your life, nothing more. Actually NO this is not sufficient, finding your true mate doesn’t completes your happiness. You have family, friends, siblings and also yourself to think about.


Let’s find out that How happiness can be achieved?

We have noticed that for most of the problems, the solutions we find are easy and appropriate and specially when we see that one of us have understood the problem completely. The most shocking thing is this that the solutions are there in the problems itself. And same happens in the case of happiness.

Actually the happiness is considered when we want something to be happen and it happens. The main keyword of this statement is ‘want’. The whole problem starts when we want something. If we could notice that at every moment we always need something or want something. If we make a list of our wishes we all know that it will never end. Our endless wants may make our happiness double but only then when all of our wishes are fulfilled. And we all know that only few of our wishes come true not all can happen to be fulfilled. We have to admit that we should satisfy with the things we have and not stubborn for the demands.

“Be happy with what you have……before it becomes what you HAD”

‘After the people’s heartbreak, most oftenly they lock the door of their heart….And throw the key to their heart ! BUT BUT BUT…..The KEY to being happy is knowing YOURSELF, have the power to chose what to accept and what to let GO.’


‘Life is short, Don’t live for the things that make you unhappy. LIVE for the things that make you HAPPY.’







Our society have a problem with them and that problem is that they think a lot. They spend their almost time in thinking and not doing any action. They do not realize that they are wasting their time on thinking rather than investing that time in any productive work, which can give them a positive result and can help them to be successful.

Also people think that they cannot become successful because they are not willing to do it or they are not too dedicated towards their life. But actually that is the time only that can help them to be successful.

What people need to do is to be in a peace for a while and think again and positively. Always think positive whether the results are positive or negative but you should have the positive thinking, it also help others to be positive and people will not feel negative and will not have negative vibes from you.

OKAY ! Let’s make it simple.

Suppose here’s a ladder of your success and you have to reach to that point where you can see your success very bright and clearly. Once you have seen your success then admit it that you are very close to it. No one can take you away from your success.

The very simple steps to your success are :

PLANNING FOR YOUR SUCCESS and that includes :

  • Start with a positive mind.
  • Find the purpose and goal of your life.
  • Define success in your eyes.
  • Don’t be too confident, selectively lower it.
  • Set a timeline or a particular period that when you have to achieve your goals.
  • You should have the proper or appropriate things , skills, materials, belongings you need to achieve your goals.
  • Be curious and serious about your life.
  • Execute your other objectives to achieve your main objective.
  • Do not distract yourself, stay away from distractions.
  • Surround yourself to the people who have positive mind and can give you positive suggestions to be successful.
  • You have to trust other people also so that they can do their job well under you.
  • Find an experienced and trusted adviser, you can say a mentor.
  • Gather as much information as you can, collect the valuable ones, which can help you.
  • Use technology properly.

The steps i have explained you above are very good and effective but it will happen only when you will have some patience and power to fulfill it all within this you also have positive vibes.The actual meaning of success also says to be patient and positive. Do not divert your  mind to your achievements. Once you’ve decided that what are yous goals and what you need to do in your future then you just have to follow that to grab your dreams. Nothing will apart you from that.

Success is finding happiness in what you do and who you are. Success is when you can finally step back and admire the life you have made for yourself.




A young boy who learns in his school time what should be important in his life and what is not.

He grew and started going college.

He noticed that here all of his mates are in a race of their lives and career.

There what he realized is the value of time he was wasting from past 15 years of his life.

Then what ? One day he woke up and started his new life. He went out and start making his career. He became rich and rich. He became so wealthy that he was once an inspirational person for people.

People use to admire him , people use to copy him. And then also he was all into his career and money. He got so indulged in making money that he forgot that his family is also a part of his life. His mother use to call him but he usually don’t pick up the calls due to the short of time.

Many years passed he did not met his family and one day he was sleeping and the screen of his phone turned on and it was displaying ‘MAA’ . He picked up the call and talked to her, his mother was crying , he asked that what’s the matter . His mother was still crying and crying and then suddenly she replied ‘YOUR FATHER’S DEAD’.

It was silence over there for 10 seconds. Then he asked when ? His mother replied it’s been 15 days. He asked why didn’t you told me earlier , she replied you were busy making money.

He had no words then. He did not even get a chance to attend his father’s funeral.

Do not make your life that much busy and wealthy that you forget your family and friends.

The time will not come back. You have to wait for time, time will not wait for you.

Spend your time which is given to you in the right way and with the right person.

TIME MANAGEMENT says “It’s good to be efficient but it’s more good to be effective.”




The bad news is that the time flies, but you know what the good news is THAT YOU ARE THE PILOT !




What Does MOTIVATION Means ?

The words MOTIVATION and INSPIRATION are one of the same thing. According to the different needs of different people these two terms can mean different. It is the reason of a person’s actions , desires and needs. Motivation is basically a self control behaviour according to the desires of people.

  • : the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something : the act or process of motivating someone

  • : the condition of being eager to act or work : the condition of being motivated

  • : a force or influence that causes someone to do something


  • It helps to Create new ideas
  • It helps to Set new goals for life
  • It helps to Focus on your dreams
  • It helps you to Stay positive

“When you catch a glimpse of your potential that’s when passion is born.”

“You are only given a little spark of madness , you must not lose it.”

“In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.”

Someday , Everything will make perfect sense . So for now, laugh at the confusion , smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason .

LIFE ? LIFE is like a circle :

  • HOPE
  • LIVE

I tried it once , I’ll try it again , I saw what was missing and I knew it right then . What’s missing is TRUST. What’s there is INCOMPLETE. Since life is a circle , our paths were to meet . We have tried it together and we tried it alone and now it’s not happening . I’ll find it – The future with or without you .

Since Life is a circle , I created My Own Myth.

My motive is to explain you that how can you give your beautiful life in the hands of other person and let them to ruin your life. It’s like  they are not ruining your life infact you are the only culpret to let your life ruined by them .


You are not too far , you are closer , you can still find yourself !

LOST Is A Lovely Place To Find YOURSELF !