CHILD LABOR- AN ABUSE, The title is explaining everything itself that what is it about. Here I would like to introduce you all to a story of “TWO CHILDREN AND TWO DIFFERENT BAGS”. It means that here’s the story of two different children of same age group living their lives differently. It’s a real life based incident.

A boy who’s 13 years old wakes up early in the morning at 6.00 a.m to get ready for his school on the other hand another boy of age 12 years wakes up at 6.00 a.m only but here not for going to school but for collecting garbage from door to door. The 13 year boy is getting ready, wearing his well ironed clothes and the 12 year boy wearing his torn old clothes, as well as walking barefooted. While the 13 year boy combing his hair looking into the mirror of his own room, on the other hand the 12 year boy setting his hair from his hands looking onto the glass of the car from where he’s just passing by. One side 13 year boy taking out books from his bag and on the other side 12 year boy digging up the garbage in his bag. That 13 year boy is playing in his school, having fun, eating good food and living luxurious life, and 12 year boy collecting garbage all day and at the end of the day sleeping empty stomach. Another day comes and the history is being repeated but one day the poor 12 year boy found something to eat from his garbage bag and got so happy as if he has won any victory or something.

This is the life of the poor people who just cannot afford to go to the school, live the lives like we are living. They got their happiness in such small things while we are looking for a big happiness to come. They do not bother about their present and future, they just live their life as they are living it with no such complaints and demands to anyone.

Children Deserve Better !

They deserve to be educated, as they have the right to study being a citizen of this country. They deserve to eat better, live better. Make their future bright, shape their future right by banning child labor. Child labor is child abuse. Children should deserve pens in their hands not tools at this age. They are the future of our nation so support and protect the pillars of our nation. CHILD LABOR- AN ABUSE


“CHILD LABOR is a devestation, they should concentrate on EDUCATION.

Child is meant to LEARN, not to EARN.


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