“The tongue is the only tool that gets sharper with use”

CONTROLLING THE TONGUE, Well sometimes we get into the situation in which we lost our temper or get high-per and sometimes get irritated too, due to which our anger gets out of control which leads our tongue to speak out the words which use to be inside and not to be outspoken. Being out of control or impatient is not right, whatever the situation is you have to be very patient and keep yourself calm and solve your problems calmly.

Okay, now let’s go in the track other than anger, it’s not obvious that you’ll be outspoken only when you are in anger or in the situation where your patience has to be tested. Sometimes the situation can be different also.

For instance; while we prepare ourselves to convey our thoughts and ideas to someone for achieving our aim or making an impression on others, we have to be calculative and brief. So as to fulfill that, our ideas or interest should be upon the objective target that is the person or a group of people, for eg. the business communication to promote the sale of any brand of consumer items. It may be of any brand. In this case we have to be very brief to the customer and motivate them to select their choice for either any amongst the two brands in which they are getting confused. You can always help them, guide them and suggest them but remember you can never force them to buy any of the product you want to sell. The choice is purely will be of the person’s concerned.

Now, we are in a deliberation to control out tongue in persuading the customer to have their expression for selecting a particular brand of consumer item. We should not indulge in unnecessary conversation for the campaign or promoting the specific brand of a product.

Moreover, nowadays we have Facebook and Twitter in which we do express our thoughts and ideas to our friends or to the world at large, in this connection we have to be little conscious about expressing ourselves or about some special topics or ideas to the concerned objects. For instance sometimes it happens that we react to some celebrity’s reaction about the world affairs. If any bolly-wood star is expressing their opinion in the public about any particular issue and we want to express our views on their expression then we have to be very precised and brief. At the same time our tongue must be in a sliced manner. Our words have to be selective and expressive.

All these necessities restricted expression to the thoughts and ideas in general.

This should be the manner and courtesy for controlling your words or tongue in front of anyone to not to be rude and bad in anyone’s mind.

You should THINK before you speak.

T- is it true ?

H- is it helpful ?

I- is it inspiring ?

N- is it necessary ?

K- is it kind ?

You should think of the ENVIRONMENT while speaking. REMIND your family background while taking slangs out. And most importantly BE SILENT sometimes because being silent is the best way to let someone realize their mistakes. SILENCE is not only a sign of weakness; it’s also a sign of strong SELF CONTROL.┬áCONTROLLING THE TONGUE

Have a clear mind while speaking anything.



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