Few months ago, I saw a couple near a grocery store and were on their way to go into the store. The man looked down and saw a penny. His mind dwelt on that little penny. He got confused whether to pick it up or not. However, his pride kept telling him that someone might see him picking up those pennies and think less of him.

He then walked to the entrance of the store and told his wife to wait their for a while. He walked back, picked up that penny and joined his wife. His wife whispered ‘What you did ?’ He shared the little confusion that was going on in his head between pride and wanting to pick up that penny. His wife stopped and asked to see that penny.

She held it up, saw it and smiled and then ask him to put that in his pocket as if he’s got some gold. While they were shopping, the whole scene was running through his mind and in the end when he got restless, he asked his wife the reason behind to see that penny.

His wife smiled again and murmured ‘Look at this penny’. ‘Read what it says’. He read ‘United States Of America’. She said ‘No, not that, read further’. He read ‘One cent’. His wife took that penny from his hands and made him read ‘In God we Trust’.

She then says ‘And if you trust in God, the name of God is holy, even on a coin.’
So here is the lesson that man learned that day from God and his Wife.
It is written in every single coin of¬†‘United States Of America’ but they have never noticed it. That day God drops a message right in front of him to trust Him. And by picking up that coin it was the sign which was given in directly by that man that he actually do trust God. It was the God’s way to connect with that man and made him realize and trust in Him.
Through this God made him realize that pennies are plentiful, but God is patient….
Count your blessings and you will see miracles happening in your life every single day. God is everywhere and is with everyone, but the only difference is the way you take Him. Think about this story once and then notice how many miracles happens with you and Thank God for it.
Count your blessings, not your problems !



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