Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win !


Over the different phases of our life, we’ll all face situations that test our patience or will, defy our determination, and challenge our character. Even if life were a bed of roses, you’d still need to avoid the thorns. Even though the challenge would be out of our personal limits, but defeat could never be accepted as an option. Of course that is easy to say rather to be done as we all are human not a robot. Although it’s much easy to cheat “just this one time” or to give up entirely. And who will know about it? Answer: You will.

The fact will always remain the same that the difference between a winner and the one who ran away isn’t always that the loser fell on hard times. Though the difference often lies in how the unpleasant situation was faced. While some people are willing to face tough times, but others are quick to surrender to a challenge. Which one are you?

Ready To Meet The Challenge ?

Afraid of being defeated : Some people give up in the starting only. They think that why to even try when there’s no hope to win.

Lack of confidence : Some people have a tendency to search for the help as soon as they face the challenge. But they don’t understand that being reliant on them rather rely on yourself.

Lack of will : Some people don’t have the courage to face the unpleasant situation. They prefer to give up as they accept defeat without even trying once.

Fear of responsibilities : Some people leave their lives on the destiny. They think that whatever will be in their destiny they’ll get it. But that is not true, this sounds like a complete failure. They are people who are afraid to face the responsibilities or they can’t handle them.

Lack of reality : Some people are so afraid to face the adversity of their life that they tend to doubt on the reality of their life.

So stop doubting on yourself and start doing it rather than quitting it.

At the end of your life, you will be tested on every step of your life but ‘DON’T QUIT’ !



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