EVERYONE HAS A PAST, The past couldn’t be as cruel as it looks like, it’s the imagination or thinking of your mind which makes it more cruel than it looks. Everyone has a past may be a good past, a bad past or a horrifying one but everyone do have it. But it’s up on you that how you deal with it whether thinking of that bad past and making your future bad too or to just forget the past and make your future bright. Also sometimes it happens that some people do not know the story of the other people and make fun of them. But always understand the story behind the person, do not speak anything without knowing the past of that person.

Likewise, a few days ago i was in a train and next to me there’s a boy who is 20 or 21 years old with his father and in front of our seat there’s one couple sitting. The 21 year boy amazingly says to his father that ‘Dad look at the trees they are walking behind with us’. The couple got annoyed and reacted weirdly, then the boy again screemed that ‘Dad see the clouds are running with us’. The couple again stared at him and asked his father to go to the doctor for him. Father smiled and replied ‘I am coming from a doctor only, my son was blind since birth, he just got his eyes’. The couple got embarrassed and utter nothing to him.

People sometimes act so annoyed that they just could not understand that if a person is behaving weirdly or acting childishly then their must be some reason or some story behind them due to which they become like this. Remember this do not ever judge people by their looks or how they are acting, always know their inner soul without saying anything to their outer one. EVERYONE HAS A PAST

“Everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something and has LOST something.”

Everyone has a story, be willing to hear it before you judge.


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