People can be millionaire, billionaire or a politician or even the leader of a nation, but that doesn’t mean that they are very respected. These positions did not consider them that they hold a very respected place in public’s mind. Some people use to chase them, praise them and sometimes wish to stay at their’s positions but this doesn’t denotes that they respect them. Also some people believe that as they are rich, famous or popular, they should deserve respect.

Ignoring their cruel behavior, they expect respect from others. But they cannot run from this bitter truth that is, Respect can only be earned. It can be gained and earned from you only as no one will serve you respect in a silver platter. You have to strive for it in order to gain it.

How to Gain Respect

Authenticity. You are proud of who you are and what you stand for. You’re not influenced by the people’s opinion and also do not bother of what others think about you. You don’t play politics or pretend to be the person who you are not.

Integrity. You have high ethical values and are true to your beliefs. You do what’s right and speak against what’s wrong, not because you are being forced to do it but because you know what’s right for you.

Honesty. Honesty can be a main player in this game as your life is an open book and you cannot hide it from anyone, so there’s no point to say a lie.

Fairness. You believe in having long-term relationships rather than satisfying the short-term ones, because you know that a relationship needs trustworthy and fair people.

Personal responsibility. You take charge of your life, rather than feeling that the world owes you something. You expect high, set your goals high and strive for that to achieve it. And if in case, things go wrong you do not yell on others for losing your responsibilities, you take all charge on yourself as it was your personal responsibility.

Quality associations. You choose quality over quantity, knowing that you win or lose respect based on the company that you keep.

Respect Begins with You. Because respect is priceless, so Earn it every day!



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