LIVING WITH A PURPOSE, Measuring success does not mean calculating the wealth you have, the achievements you have achieved or the power you have attained. Yes, it is true that these things do matter in one’s life for a period of time or for the whole life but that is not enough. Though achieving everything in their lives, meeting every dream of their that point of life they are still missing something and that something is The Purpose. The purpose of living their life is missing. That gap which is been missed by them should be filled with the purpose of their life, which should be taken care of by them.

Now, obviously every person is different and have different visions of life so the purpose of everyone would be also different but there’s a common thread that bind a life with a purpose and those are :

  • Set your ethics straight : The very important thing to start with your purpose should be by setting your ethics straight and clear and to the point for your life and for your comfort zone.
  • Set your priorities : Setting priorities should be taken as wisely as you have to make a list of your wishes and number them one by one accordingly to your priority and your keen interest.
  • Maintain that belief and values : Purpose of living life includes your beliefs and values which shape and determine your decisions and make a clear vision for your life ahead.
  • Be passionate : Have that eager and excitement everyday to follow and fulfill your desired passion which you always wanted to be fulfilled and make that happened.
  • Live the present, live the moment : Cherish every moment of your life, thank for your every moment. Live it without any regret and make your life bliss. Take the joy of what you have instead of being worrying for what you do not have.

Success in life comes with the aspect of living your life with a purpose. The moment you start living your life with a purpose, that moment you find worth living and with the reason of something to live it with all happiness and passion of doing something you’ve always wanted to.┬áLIVING WITH A PURPOSE

Make it happen, make it worth !

” Your LIFE has purpose. Your STORY is important. Your DREAMS count. Your VOICE matters. You were born to make an IMPACT. “

When your life is on course with it’s purpose, you are your most powerful.


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