LOVE, He was….he was something magical, something like a dream which came to her , asked her for her life and she silently handed him her whole life in his hands which were temporary owned by him but not permanently.

She thought that he is the only one and he is the right owner for her heart. In the starting they both were happy, they used to eat together, study together, hang out together. They both were thinking that they have find their true mate but is it so..?

Days passed away their relationship became strong. They were now more close to each other. Then seven months later the boy started losing his interest from his girl. He started ignoring her text, he maintained distance, he denied her to meet, to talk and also to message him. The girl thought that he’s in some trouble and he’s not telling her as she will not bare the sight when he got sad. She again called him, forces him to meet her. But as usual he denied. Their talks became less, they do not see each other for 2-3 months. And suddenly after four months boy came with another girl and stand in front of her ex. She was all broken when he says that i found a new girl. He was in no more love with her. She cried like hell, she yelled to him that don’t do this to her but he didn’t listened to her and ran away from her with that new girl.

On that very particular moment she decided not to love him more and finished all his memories from her phone, laptop but not from her mind and most importantly from her heart. He was all into her mind, her heart. She was not able to stop herself from loving him but she has to. Because she knew he will never return in her life.

All she was left with was his endless memories from which she can never come out.

She decided to start a new beginning, a new life and now she’s a well known BLOGGER.

The boy mentioned above was not having any idea that what he has lost but yes this is sure that he will regret for his doings and for his cruel behaviour which he has done with her because what she have lost was not her’s but what he has lost was totally and brutally belongs to him only.

Sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go. She let him go to live…to live him his life but more importantly to live her dreams.

It was his attraction who ruined her life but her true love who filled his life with happiness and love.

KINDLY, know the difference between LOVE and ATTRACTION ! Because your attraction can kill someone’s happiness and reason to live. If you are saying yes, then whatever the situation is say it with your whole heart and love or don’t say it at all.



LOVE is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person. To love somebody isn’t just a strong feeling. it is a decision, a judgement, and a promise. Love is that promise that if you are giving some part of yourself to each other then give all of it to them truly.┬áLOVE


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