ONE MAN CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, I believe and accept the fact that one person can make a difference. If a person has thought of something and is rigid to their decision then they can change the world. But for that, power of thinking matters but actions matters too. If a person is willing to do and can do the change with their actions and words then he can do anything as willingness and words have the most powerful impact on the people through which people can implement it and make it change in their lives. And it is the most beautiful feeling of changing someone’s life in good terms through your words and actions and obviously if your actions can help someone then you can do anything.

One person can make a lot of change in the lives as one person whom you met suddenly makes you smile, suddenly makes you feel special because they have that willingness and that power to make you feel happy and to change the things in good and positive terms and also make it look differently as it looks before. It’s strange that how a person who we don’t even know at once and suddenly becomes close to us and makes our life happy and beautiful but it’s not only in terms of any relationship, you can make a difference without any tag of relationship or anything, being an unknown as helping someone and making things change to help someone doesn’t need any relationship or tag it just need a power and willingness to act and to say. Always remember your actions and your words can be very powerful and sensitive for someone who is in keen for seeking help as a person only needs help when they are stuck in any problem and if at that point of their life they will find a guy to which they can see and think that yes he/she can make the difference then your words and actions are very important to them. So always be aware and be positive to your words and actions as anyone can steal it for their help. So never underestimate the power of ONE, because one person can do a lot. One man can make a difference.

“One smile, can start a Friendship. One word, can end a Fight. One look can save a Relationship. One person can make the Difference.”

One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.


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