What is Time ?

Time simply means past, present and future. Our whole life revolves around these three factors.

What is Money ?

A medium of exchange in the form of coins and notes through which the assets, property, and resources owned by someone.

PRIORITIZING TIME AND MONEY, Time is an important factor in one’s life and also in the corporate world at large. Each person has to think about the element of time in each aspect of life. As the sun arises each morning and sets in the evening in the entire parts of the Globe. The human factor and also the nature of work are all mixed together. We as a human being have to perform different types of duties, right from morning till night when we go to bed. We have twenty four hours and not twenty five to perform our duties according to the time. Students have to get up early in the morning at 6 o’clock then have to get ready for the schools or colleges as the case maybe, they have to spend time in the schools and colleges. After returning from there they have their lunch and then take some rest, then again in the evening they perform their work according to the need of an hour. The evening comes and the night follows, after the final prayer they go to bed, and the twenty four hours of the day is over.

For the working people, the farmers have to rush to their farms, the workers to the field and the factory, the officers to the offices and rest of the humanity are at their duties as the day comes.

All these spheres of life, requires the Time Management. One has to give priority to one’s requirement of work or duty. Without assigning priority or step by step going to the work concerned would not be possible to achieve or complete. We have to prioritize each elements of time to perform or complete our work on hand. We have to always think about the time consumption required in a particular type of activity so as to achieve our goals in life. The preparation of the schedule of the time management is a must. We have to select the time hour for performing a particular work in a day. If we are not able to perform as per the time selected then the work remains pending and that affects the over all performance of the entire day. Finally we lacked behind. That is a negative aspect of the life, resulting from not prioritizing the time schedule as a whole.


Similarly, the money part needs prioritizing for the sake of consumption or spending. It is said that “Time is money” that means if we do not prioritize time then our money part becomes affected. As the machine produces a product say car, it requires time to produce a car taking into account, the time elements involved in it. For producing anything the time element goes into it and the same is transformed into money. Wasting time results into wasting money.

For instance, If the workers of a factory are on a strike then the production of a product say car, is not there. Hence the money obtained by selling a car is lost. So the time is an important element entered into money. Therefore, we see that time is money, and these things or elements are to be prioritized. If there is no priority of time and money, as to how spending the final result would be either positive or negative as the case maybe. PRIORITIZING TIME AND MONEY

Hence, learn to manage both of them equally so as to ease your life your goals and to be happy.

Time is money, value it and manage it properly else you’ll regret.


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