RESPECT- GIVE AND GET ! We all are aware of the term ‘respect’. Also we often use this term as well. But do you exactly know the meaning of respect or what does it means? Respect is admiring, regarding and concerning for someone’s feelings, abilities, qualities or achievements.

“Respect was invented to cover the empty place where love should be.”

RESPECT- GIVE AND GET ! Trump says, ” Put in is a respectable person.” Now we have the word ‘respectable’. That means one has to give an honour to the other person. In our Vedic period senior demands a respect from the junior in the family, i.e the elders in the family have some respect from the junior. Likewise the junior have some sought of loving words by the seniors. In this way our Vedic culture teaches us that the honour has to be provided by the junior to the seniors. But the value system in our current time has gone a drastic change.

When we are walking on the street we see that some junior person is rebutting the senior one, for no fault of him. This we see in our daily lives. The children at home also rebutting their parents and shout over the behaviour of the parent. They do not realise that he or she is the child of his parent. Here we must consider our self that if we do not pay respect to our parents we may also not be respected by them. Hence, a respect is an inherent right of the person. If we pay respect to our parent or seniors, we also get the respect in return.

Hence, ever since the world is created the Vedic culture in India prevails. Man also has a dignity and honour. This is the human nature. The world has changed at every state, one has to behave sensibly, whether in his schools, colleges, work place, corporate world and the business spheres. Politeness is another word that directs towards the respectability. In communication we are supposed to express ourselves in a very polite manner to others. This is also an index of paying a respect to the person to whom we are communicating. The other party would think that this man respects me, and could also pay respect to others. This is a phenomenon of giving and receiving a due respect to each one. On the other hand we see some altercations at the Metro to getting window. The counter part enters into unnecessary arguement with the commuters, on a pretext of ticketing and some money exchanges. The manner in which both of them conveys this respectful words to each other. In this case no one pays respect to each other. This was, the end result quarrel between each other.

The society of humanity is vast. If we do not communicate ourselves in a dignified way, then we do not deserve any respect from the person to whom we are communicating to. To get respect from others we have to think ourselves first. As to how to behave in the society, so that the society also gives us the respect. Now if settle issues in the society comes up, that are very formulative then, these issues are to be solved in a very respectful ways, otherwise we have seen many situations where the life and properties were destroyed and ultimately the people had suffered. Therefore the dignity and respect demands that we should not leave the polite manner of tackling any issue. The respectful manner results in positive ways. To give respect and tells reciprocity. RESPECT- GIVE AND GET !

“Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners”

Respect is a two-way street, if you want to get it, you’ve got to give it.


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