She thought that he don’t know anything about what she’s doing. She was making a fool of him since a long time but he got to know about it not at that very moment but later. She was betraying him, having an affair outside marriage since past one year.

Suddenly one day he had a doubt on her and tried to ask her but he couldn’t. Next day, he again tried to talk to her and make her tell him the truth herself but again he failed. Day to day, his doubt keep on increasing on her and one day he decided to keep a spy on her.

He then hired a detective and told him to keep a complete spy on her. After few days, detective asked her husband to come at the place where she was with the another man. He told him that his suspicion was right. She’s having an affair outside marriage.

The husband was carrying a gun with him and after watching her with another man, he then goes to her. She got shocked and scared too seeing him there. He asked her that why she did this to him ? She replied ‘It’s my choice, I can do whatever I want to.’

He put the gun on his forehead, she thought that he will kill himself. She tried to stop him, but then he laughs and says ‘I am not that loser to die for an unfaithful woman like you.’ Saying so, he moved away from there.

He also had a choice to destroy both of their lives, by killing both of them. But he didn’t go with ‘My Choice’. He went with ‘Right Choice’.

Your choices effect the lives of others. Be careful about what you Say and Do, it’s not always about YOU.

Empowerment doesn’t come from being Selfish. It comes from being Compassionate.


To Get Respect, You Must Give Respect.

#Respect Both Genders

#Humanity Has No Gender



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