SAY NO – WITHOUT EXPLAINING YOURSELF ! Many people who are shy, introvert, have less communication skills do hesitate to say NO. Why ? Saying no doesn’t mean you are committing any crime or stealing something then why to hesitate. Learn to say NO. Say no to people who are not worth for your yes, say no to people for your self, say no to people whom you just cannot bare; but say it. No one will ever say you anything if you say a NO. It’s your life and the decisions for your life is totally depend up on you not in the hands of other people. They just cannot do anything with you because sometimes being selfish is better than being available for someone all time who cannot even worth of it and just useless to be with you.

There are people who are full of attitude and ego without any reason neither they are an actor nor are a famous personality or anything else that they would have done something to feel proud on then why that attitude ? Let it be, let them stay in their fantasy world but you are not like that you are not living a fantasy world you are living a real life which is out of that pompousness and fantasies. It’s true such people do not care about others because they do not know the worth of them but once you’ve learnt to say no and let them realise that saying always yes does not make any sense for them as well as for you, they will surely try to make things get better. But til then you were not there for them to do such because you’ve already said them NO and you’ve moved on to your life. There are people who just cannot listen no but can say no to them who were always there for them in their hard times but in return when they expect the same from them, they are not there and just simply say no. If such people could do this thing with you then why cannot you do the same. Sometimes to let people realise their mistake, it’s necessary to be selfish and say a big NO to them without even explaining yourself, without giving any reason, without saying lie just a two letter word and that is NO. It will make you happy and them guilty not today but some other day.┬áSAY NO – WITHOUT EXPLAINING YOURSELF !

“NO” is a complete sentence. It does not require justification or explanation.


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