Because she chose to chase material things.

STOP CHASING MATERIAL THINGS, It was a starting of a new day and she was just laying on her bed and suddenly her phone flashes a face book notification. She got a message from a guy. She checks his profile picture. He drives a Range Rover. He is handsome. He again inbox her and she replied, all excited. They talked and decided to meet and set a date. She dress up very well, smells good and put on some make up. He takes her for lunch, had a good meal and had a great time. He makes her laugh, take care of her, gives her looks and smiles.

And she too smiled and stupidly fall in love with him. It was like she have known him Forever. He makes her feel comfortable, spend the whole day with her and continued it for at least one week. He said, he loves her and she also don’t hesitate to say she loves him too. Also one day they spend the whole entire day together and had a good time. He use to help her, makes her feel nice and comfortable, says her cheesy things to maintain that trust of her towards him. Then he dropped her home and says ‘I had a great time’. She smiles and say ‘See you tomorrow’. He stays silent. She get back home and can’t stop smiling and inbox him that ‘It was a good day’. He was online, but doesn’t reply. It’s unlike him, so she inbox him again. He doesn’t respond. Minutes later she can’t find him on her friend list. HE BLOCKED HER. Days, weeks, months passes by. She start feeling sick, weak, loose weight. She realizes things were not going good. She don’t understand. Reality hits her. And that was it for her life. She chased him like anything and now when she needs him, he was not there and he blocked her due to which she was getting sick day by day.

Don’t be that girl. Live well ! Stop chasing material things ! Stop chasing sponsors !

Live a LIFE, Not a LIE.

“Materialistic things do not impress people, The soul does.”

Materialism clouds the vision of those with a weak mind.


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