She was all done. Living a life which has no meaning, no purpose to live. All alone, doing nothing, with no beautiful colors in her life. She gave up on herself. She accepted her old soul and was living her rest of her life  just for the sake to live.

And…one day he came. She met him, he stepped first to start the conversation but she refused. But he didn’t lose the hope, he again tried to talk to her. They had a conversation, she started feeling comfortable with him. She shared her true feelings with him. After which, he just smiled and asked her to smile as well.

She got confused that on this tragedy of her life, why is he smiling. But he didn’t stopped smiling and smiled her also. They spend the whole day together, they had lunch, dinner, walking through the roads midnight and talking to each other.

Suddenly she asked him, that why were you smiling? He again smiled and said one smile can kill thousand emotions, which was missing in your life, due to which your emotions, your pain are not able to leave you because you didn’t wanted them to leave you. Today the whole day passed and you did not felt like the way you felt on previous days.

Just how you were living your life today, you were laughing, you were happy, you were enjoying all of it happened today then why not everyday ?

Your life is in your own hands. Find reasons to be happy. Don’t run away from the happiness.

You own it, you deserve it !

He simply conveyed her with his sweet words and she understood the meaning of her life. He dropped her home and leave that place without giving her any of the details of his. She tries to stop him but she couldn’t and he left.

Next day she waited for him at the same place they met yesterday. For several days she waited for him to come, but he didn’t came. He was gone, giving her a lesson of life.

A beautiful lesson to live her life with a purpose. She now never waits for him but surely miss him as she got her twin soul in him which gave her a reason to live and to live with a meaning, purpose and most importantly a smile on her face.

For her he was an angel who gave her all the happiness in just one day and also she found her twin soul.

Now she has a meaning of her life, living her life happily and with joy, but always with his memories…..  🙂

That one day made the rest of the days of her life.

Until her soul connected with his, how could she have known that she was always in search of him ?





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