They say speak out words which are clean and won’t hurt anyone. They say make your feelings true and real. They say behave nicely to others. But….isn’t that all ? No, because if you are not clean by inside then you cannot be by outside. Inside beauty says thinking, your thinking should be clean before speaking out any word, your thinking should be wise and vulnerable to make your feelings true and real, your thinking should have the right way to let know what is good or bad to behave properly to anyone.

It’s so obvious that if you cannot think beyond the wants and needs which are expected by someone then you cannot match their mental level to make them clear your words and feelings. To make everything go smooth and without any abruptions, thinking plays a major role.

While other people takes decisions without thinking and in hurry and make things worse, you can wait and take some time in thinking and taking decisions to not to make things worse but good and smooth. Your thinking can effect many people, so think wisely and intelligently. If you want to, you can help many by your intelligent thinking but if you do not want to then you can let many in problems. So, always think before doing any action, always think before saying any thing, always think before behaving, always think before revealing any feelings. Make a wise decision, make an intelligent decision by making your thinking wise and royal.

To not think, makes a dumb man. But; To think, makes an intelligent man.

“It doesn’t actually matters that what other people think but it matters what you think, as you cannot be as cruel as others, you always keep your thinking clean.”

You won’t have to watch what you say, if you watch what you think.


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