What does the title suggest ? To walk away with the truth ? Or to walk away from some fear and be coward ? NO, it’s not walking away from the reality or from yourself but to walk away from someone’s life who’s not worth having you in it and to make them realize your WORTH.

Let It Hurt.
Let It Bleed.
Let It Heal.
And Let It GO.

WALK AWAY ! Walking away from someone’s life who you love, care and attached to them is really hard. But things get harder if someone’s making you worthless and still you are carrying on with them. At this moment of life it is even harder to decide whether to walk away or to stay. Because when there is nothing between both left to say then there’s no use to stay and better to walk away and move on but the other thought that comes in our mind that if is it okay to walk away rather than just stay and talk to them.

Well talking and clearing out the things between them is good but when you realise that it has been third or fourth time and the other person is not realising and is of no worth to clear the things more then you should step back from their life and move on forward to your life. Because if the person becomes annoying and of no worth for your attention and company then there’s no use of you to stay anymore. Sometimes letting go some things could make it better than making it worse.


You can love someone, help someone, guide someone, be there with them in all there hard times but cannot be a slave to someone and most importantly never become a use and throw material to that person, even if it has happen then give a break to your life and be mature to take such decision to make yourself worthy not worthless. Loving someone means you can wait for them, you can forgive them for their mistakes but when it’s high time then you need to first love yourself and get learned that when you need to walk away. Because sometimes walking away is the most powerful, mature and appreciable decision you could ever do. Always remember if you have done good to that person and you gave your 100% to that person then don’t worry in moving out of their lives because karma plays it’s role very well. You’ll anyhow get that goodness in return may be from that person only or may be in some other terms but you’ll definitely get it back and also don’t be sad for their doings as i say karma does it’s job very well so surely it will take care for them too. Some day at some time that person will realise that what they have done with you and cry for it but unfortunately their would be no one who can wipe their tears as they will be all alone.¬†WALK AWAY !

“You see a person’s true colours when you are no longer beneficial to their life.”

When there’s nothing left to say, lift your head up high, smile, and walk away !


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