Learning requires attention, eagerness and dedication more than attending school. It demands you to act as both a teacher and a student, to learn from books and personal experiences and that ability to apply that lessons learned from your real experiences. There can be many ways and opportunities to learn but the fact is, that who wants to actually learn and not just only learn but to implement that in your life.

Some Few Ways From You Can Learn

You have to act like a kid and be a kid to learn something, as when we were kids, we continuously ask ‘why?’ but when we get older we get offended and feel shy to ask questions again and again. So be extrovert and ask like a kid.

Explore your surrounding or world as you have to surround yourself with the people who can guide you and suggest you something for better results. Listen the people’s point of views and ways rather than depending on your own.

You have to sometimes change your routine. Everyone likes to follow their same routine but you have to learn by breaking them. For example, cover the same ground from different angles and take a new route. Speak to new people and explore the new places.

Learn from your mistakes is the most important part for your journey as it can help you in many ways in your life and give you courage to learn things.

Increase your expectations, as if you want to become a better person, deal with someone better than yourself. Accept it that you’re not going to improve if you don’t expect high and dream high. Step out of your comfort zone to “up” your game.

Your success is your journey, not your destination. Winning is not your everything or it doesn’t mean that you’re done, it doesn’t mean that losers explore ways to improve and winners receive a bye. Even winners should identify ways to improve on their performance.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.



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